Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Hello and welcome to the Kills new website. It’s taken us a while, yes, but we did it for you and we hope you enjoy it... For the first news entry we’d like to show you around our new place.

You can find new and used collections of art and photographs on a rotating basis by VV and Hotel in the RED MEAT HEART gallery. We'll be changing it regularly so don't be a stranger, keep coming back..

The PHOTOGRAPHS gallery is divided into four sections. KILLS, PEOPLE, POLAROIDS, And PHOTOBOOTH. In The KILLS gallery you will find lots of live shots taken by you the people as well as various press shots or photos we've received in the mail. If you see a photo you've taken in this section and you're not credited for it and would like to be, please write and let us know.

The PEOPLE gallery is comprised of portraits of friends, lovers, strangers, etc. This gallery will grow and grow as we travel the world photographing you. The POLAROIDS gallery speaks for itself. These photographs have been taken all over the world, over a course of 6 years. Over time this gallery will be updated with new polaroids. The PHOTOBOOTH gallery is a collection of photobooth self portraits that we've taken mostly in America. These original old machines are almost extinct in the rest of the world.

The ART gallery is a collection of drawings, collages, paintings, notebook pages, photomontage and more. This gallery will grow and change but for the time being there are about 65 images here.

The VIDEO/AUDIO gallery is fun. You can chose from 8 or so Kills videos. We've put them on the site in a large format because they're more beautiful that way. However that does mean that they take a couple of minutes to load so be prepared to stare at a black screen for a little while. We promise, it's worth waiting for better quality. The AUDIO section will change regularly. Choose a selection and have a listen.

Within the DISCOGRAPHY, there is a pretty up to date list of everything that we’ve recorded so far that we can remember. If you think of something that's missing just let us know. You can choose individual songs and have a look at some of the original lyric sheets. You can find press cuttings in the PRESS. And tour dates in the DATES. Currently we are not on tour. We're busy writing and recording our third album.

Moving right along... We've put in a links page for you to play around with. Here are some of our favorite sites, favorite new and current artists, friends, horoscopes, a run down on the weather... blah blah blah.. Look around.... and...... Do you want to join the FAN CLUB? We'll send you letters when new/ secret/ exciting stuff is about to happen...

In other news, a brief run down of what we've done in the last few months: We've played one off gigs and the odd tv show in Monaco, Paris, Berlin, Oslo, and London. Hotel has contributed photographs recently to the likes of Mixte Magazine, and Self Service. VV has contributed guest vocals on Primal Scream's new album "Riot City Blues", on a Placebo song, "Meds", and features on Simon Boswell's composition “Close Your Eyes” with cult surrealist film director Alejandro Jodorowsky . The Kills have recently contributed music to various feature films: Knallhart, Free Jimmy (a cover of the Velvet Underground song “I’m Set Free”), and The Beat My Heart Skipped.

More news soon. Until then check out the whirlwind of galleries, the music, the films... and let us know what you think. Love, The Kills

Friday, May 05, 2006